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DuSable Museum of African American History

Available to students

Museum Description

Founded in 1961 by teacher and art historian Dr. Margaret Burroughs and other leading Chicago citizens, the DuSable Museum is one of the few independent institutions of its kind in the United States. Developed to preserve and interpret the experiences and achievements of people of African descent, it is dedicated to the collection, documentation, preservation and study of the history and culture of Africans and African Americans. The DuSable Museum is proud of its diverse holdings that number more than 15,000 pieces and include paintings, sculpture, print works and historical memorabilia. Special exhibitions, workshops and lectures are featured to highlight works by specific artists, historic events or collections on loan from individuals or institutions.

Discount Information

  • Annual membership rate of $25​

Getting the Discount

Students must be currently enrolled and present a copy of their Student ID. For more details about the discounted annual membership rate, visit the DuSable membership page.

740 East 56th Place
Chicago, Illinois, 60637
(773) 947-0600