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Giordano Dance Chicago

​​​Company Description​​

Giordano Dance Chicago (GDC) illuminates beauty and invigorates the world with deep connections.​

We create and present innovative jazz dance choreography, often redefining and expanding the very definition of jazz dance, and bring this invaluable American art form to audiences and students of all ages and from all ethnic backgrounds. GDC is dedicated, also, to the preservation and promotion of the Giordano Technique. Whether on the stage or in the classroom, we strive to enrich lives through dance, and this solid mission and organizational vision inform the organization's artistic programming.

 Stated simply, Giordano Dance Chicago offers to all the universal and life-affirming experience of witnessing dance that is powerful, passionate, elegant, and celebratory.

Discount Information​

Discount offer for Giordano's performances at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance on March 31st and April 1st.


Harris Theater​
Discount: 20% off levels A, B & C

Regular Price: $90, $65, $45

Price with Discount: $72, $52, $36