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Assignment Process

DePaul University utilizes a multi-model advising system. We have staff advisors in college advising offices, staff advisors in departments, and assigned faculty advisors.

A centralized college advising office is typically led by a Director or manager who oversees a team of staff advisors who advise students about the programs in their college.

College & School Advising Offices

Centralized college advising offices at DePaul:

The School of Music and Theatre School have one staff advisor and academic coordinator, respectively. These individuals serve in the same advisor capacity as other colleges, but also have extra roles and responsibilities related to their schools.

In addition to the centralized college advising offices, DePaul also uses a decentralized system of departmental advisors in the College of Science & Health and in the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.  Departmental staff advisors are embedded in large programs and serve in the same capacity as staff advisors in college advising offices, but specifically for the program(s) in their department only.

College of Science & Health, Departments with Staff Advisors:

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Departments with Staff Advisors: