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Learning Outcomes


To further enhance and guide the work of the communication, professional development and steering committees in DAAN.

Goal 1: Professional Development

Support professional and personal development opportunities to enhance advisors’ skills and knowledge of academic advising, related to their position and/or aspirations.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of professional development initiatives, advisors will:

  • incorporate the knowledge into their advising philosophy and practice.
  • participate in internal/external development opportunities.
  • express feelings of being supported in their professional growth.


  • Support a professional development subcommittee in DAAN.
  • Support the development of advising office learning outcome-based assessment initiatives.
  • Facilitate discussions based on articles/research.
  • Facilitate case conferences that enable advisors to discuss student advising issues.
  • Partner with Human Resources to facilitate professional development workshops.
  • Increase awareness of and provide information regarding training and development opportunities.
  • Coordinate panel discussions and theme-based small group discussions.
  • Encourage professional organization membership.

Goal 2: Collaborative Partnerships

Goal 2a: Create a venue for communication, knowledge sharing and support within the advising community.

Goal 2b: Facilitate interactions between the advising community and campus partners.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of developing collaborative partnerships through DAAN, advisors will:

  • accurately articulate the services partner offices provide.
  • appropriately refer students to the correct partner office.
  • identify the names and roles of colleagues in other departments.
  • express feelings of being valued by the advising community.


  • Utilize available technology for greater collaboration and communication (i.e. listserv, etc.).
  • Hold DAAN general body meetings and invite partner offices to participate.
  • Facilitate group forums to discuss best practices.
  • Host end-of-the year advising event and award ceremony.
  • Formally recognize academic partners.
  • Facilitate open communication of advising concerns and questions by managing anonymous online feedback form.

Goal 3: Visibility

Increase visibility and provide information regarding DAAN among advisors, university administrators, and external advising communities.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of DAAN visibility initiatives:

  • advisors will access the DAAN digital community.
  • new advisors will accurately articulate what DAAN is and its benefits.
  • campus partners will include DAAN in campus-wide communication.
  • the DePaul advising community will nominate advisors for formal advisor recognition.
  • advisors will more consistently engage in external professional development organizations.
  • advisors will present at conferences and submit works for publication.


  • Encourage active membership and DAAN members to run for elected positions in professional development organizations.
  • Support a communication subcommittee in DAAN.
  • Provide new advisors with information about the services provided by the advising network (DAAN).
  • Represent DAAN at the Advising Managers’ Board.
  • Coordinate annual DAAN awards nomination process and identify award recipients.
  • Strengthen our presence on multiple technological platforms, such as the DAAN website and DAAN social media.

Lasted revised Feb 18, 20​14