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Meet Our Team

Executive Board

President - Eunice Amador, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (LAS)
Vice-President - Maggie O'Brien, Kellstadt College of Business
Secretary - Cara Miller, Study Abroad

Communications Committee

Chair - vacant
Responsible for both internal and external announcements associated with the ongoing functioning of DAAN activities. Amongst other things, this may include:

  • The development and publication of the DAAN newsletter
  • Determining ways to properly define, promote, and communicate the student/advisor relationship to campus constituents
  • Planning and organizing the end-of-year social function
  • Marketing the Gerald Paetsch Academic Advising Award to the university community

Professional Development Committee

Chair - vacant
Responsible for identifying and coordinating development opportunities for the advising community, leveraging both internal and external resources to do so. Amongst other things, this may include:

  • Identifying advising-related conferences, trainings, and seminars and communicating these to DAAN members (via the DAAN newsletter, listserv, or meeting updates)
  • Identifying internal DePaul resources that can assist the advising community in better understanding particular student and/or advising-related trends and issues
  • Coordinating the annual DAAN end-of-year advising awards; this includes reviewing the award categories, coordinating the nomination process, and identifying award recipients

Steering Committee

  • Responsible for the meetings of the association
  • Supervise the activities of standing or ad hoc committees, if any such committees form
  • Prepare and submit an annual budget for approval by the membership at the Annual Meeting, if funds become available to the association
  • Prepare and submit an annual report at the Annual Meeting

Steering Committee Members:

President - Eunice, LAS
Vice-President - Maggie, BUS (grad)
Secretary - Cara, Study Abroad
Professional Development Committee Chair - vacant
Communications Committee Chair - vacant
Lincoln Park Campus Representative - Becca Berkshire, CSH
Loop Campus Representative - Diane Hu, BUS