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Through active engagement with academic advising at DePaul, students will make strategic decisions and plan for their future, make meaning of their experience and articulate its value, and demonstrate personal responsibility and initiative.

Make Strategic Decisions and Plan for their Future
Students will identify and consider their interests, values, and goals while evaluating and creating educational and professional plans. Students will be familiar with university resources and understand how they can be used to aid their planning and success. Students will be supported by advisors as they navigate DePaul and make progress toward graduation.

Make Meaning of their Experience and Articulate its Value
Students will make connections between their experiences inside and outside the classroom and reflect on the meaning of those experiences. They will understand the value of a liberal arts education and develop an appreciation for lifelong learning. Students will recognize how acquired skills and knowledge can be applied to a diverse array of opportunities and professions.

Demonstrate Personal Responsibility and Initiative
Students will take responsibility for and define their own success. They will take initiative to complete degree requirements and seek out enriching experiences both at DePaul and beyond.