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DePaul Gaming League

DePaul Gaming League

The first season of the DePaul Gaming League is about to start! Season one includes six weeks of competition in four games plus single day tournaments. Register by April 14th to compete.

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Esports Events

DePaul University hosts multiple esports events during the academic year at the Esports Gaming Center and at its Lincoln Park campus. Click below to find the updated events calendar on DeHUB.

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​​Inclusion, academics, entertainment, and leadership are the four pillars of DePaul University Esports. Based on our university values, DePaul Esports in an inclusive community that honors and respects human dignity through gaming and in gaming. DePaul prepares students for careers in or associated with the exploding esports industry in majors that range from game design to sports management. With a large and dedicated community of gamers amongst our students, DePaul’s esports activities include teams competing in BIG EAST esports seasons and tournaments, gaming centers in residence halls, pop up gaming lounges, and gaming-centered events. Each of these initiative establishes DePaul’s students and our university as a leader in collegiate esports.

Gaming Center Hours

Beginning Friday, March 13, the Esports Gaming Center will be indefinitely closed in response to COVID-19. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update our hours when we are able to reopen.

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