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2021 Esports Jersey Design Contest

Congratulations to our 2021 Jersey Design Contest Winner- DJ Santos! DJ designed the jersey that will be used for the program from 2021-2023. The next Jersey Design Contest will take place in Spring Quarter 2023.

2021 Jersey Design Winner

Flex your creativity and create a design for DePaul’s Esports teams by entering our campus-wide DePaul jersey design contest! First place for the contest will include a $250 prize and a custom jersey.

Submit your jersey designs here.

2021 Contest Timeline:

  • April 5 – Annual guidelines launch.
  • April 5-May 14 – Design submissions accepted.
  • May 17-18 – Designs reviewed by DePaul University. Required edits submitted to designers.
  • May 19-May 25 – Resubmission period for designers (if necessary).
  • May 26-28 – Jersey Selection Committee meets to determine top three designs.
  • May 31-June 4 – Online voting open via DeHUB.
  • June 7 – Winning design revealed.

Design Specifications to Follow:

  • The jersey colors should center around DePaul University’s colors. DePaul’s color palette includes:
    • Academic Blue = Blue 7462
    • Athletic Blue 1 = Blue 293
    • Athletic Blue 2 = Blue 285
    • Athletic Red = Red 186
    • Black = Process Black
    • Cool Gray 11
  • The jersey should incorporate the DePaul Esports logo.
  • The jersey cannot use any officially registered Athletics trademarks.
  • Should you plan to use the DePaul logo, it may not be incorporated into another design. It must stand alone on the jersey. You may indicate where the logo would go. DePaul’s licensing team will add the compliant logo to the winning design. Consult DePaul’s official branding guidelines website under the section “Logo Integrity” for a full list of rules.
  • If you would like to use a template for your design, please click here.

Additional Things to Know:

  • Students may submit up to three designs per year. All initially designs will be reviewed by the Jersey Selection Committee with the top three moving on to a vote, which will be open to all DePaul students.
  • Teams and individuals will have the opportunity to purchase jerseys twice a year- once in mid-October and once ​in Mid-January.