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Gaming & Esports Student Organizations

DePaul Fundamental Research in Academic Gaming (DeFRAG)
DeFRAG's mission is to provide events and resources in gaming for the entertainment and education to the students and friends of DePaul University.

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DePaul League of Legends (DPULOL)
DePaul League of Legends is the premiere organization for finding other Summoners on DePaul's campus to share tips and tricks and socialize with events.

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DePaul Overwatch
DePaul Overwatch is the primary outlet for Overwatch related interaction between students. This includes casual play, tournaments, viewing parties for Overwatch streamed events, and team practice and team organization.

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DePaul Competitive Smash Club (DeSmash)
DeSmash aims to foster the active community of players of all iterations of the highly popular fighting game Super Smash Brothers at Depaul University.



DePaul PokéDemons
DePaul PokéDemons is an organization of Pokémon fans from around the university, coming together to share the joy of the franchise with the community.



DePaul Rocket League
This is a student organization for anyone interested in Rocket League at DePaul. DePaul Rocket League will host small tournaments, set up teams, and discuss Rocket League happenings at our weekly meetings.