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Frequently Asked Questions

Esports Teams

DePaul Esports teams include a roster of starting and substitute players for a given esports title. The majority of our esports teams are sanctioned by DePaul and represent the university. These teams compete in conferences, national collegiate tournaments and leagues for prizing, recognition, school pride, and more!

Esports teams typically partake in scrims against other collegiate teams on a regular basis whether it be remotely from their personal setups or in the Esports Gaming Center. Teams might also participate in nationally endorsed collegiate tournaments, conferences, or even LANs. There are numerous other things that our teams might get involved in depending on trends with the collegiate esports scene.

Our teams compete at a variety of different levels. The highest tier for each team is our Varsity team. This team consists of the most talented players at DePaul for each title. Additionally, some programs offer a Junior-Varsity/Academy level teams which consist of students looking to compete.

We offer a growing number of titles within our Esports program. To view our current titles, click the ‘Gaming Organizations’ tab at the top of this page to see our full list of games we offer at a competitive level.

The best way to get in contact with our Esports teams is through Discord. Upon joining the DePaul Esports Discord you will see a text channel titled ‘#depaul-discords’. From there, you can see each community's Discords and get in contact with the leader of the desired community.

During the fall, each Esports title will run tryouts. Be on the lookout for announcements regarding tryouts for more details. Additionally, throughout the year teams may be looking to add new players as needed. Please contact the team captain for more information about a team’s onboarding process.

As a member of any DePaul recognized Esports teams, you receive priority status to our DePaul Esports Center. This could mean using the Esports Center to practice or reserving the esports center for a competition. Additionally, team members receive a jersey as well as a ton of swag throughout the year!

Gaming Center

The DePaul Esports Gaming Center is a place to flex your competitive edge in various esports titles. Whether you're a new player or seasoned veteran, this center is where you'll find all esports titles that are supported, as well as the various communities that support them.

The Gaming Center is currently open to the entire DePaul community (please bring your DePaul ID).

Please note: Guests of the DePaul community are welcome to spectate, but will not be able to utilize the Gaming Center; your guest may come to watch, but may be asked to leave if the space becomes crowded.

DePaul has varsity level teams in six games- Rocket League, League of Legends, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros., Valorant, and Beat Saber. Our varsity teams compete in officially sanctioned college conferences, including the BIG EAST, (Rocket League and League of Legends), EGF (Rocket League, Overwatch, and Super Smash Bros.), Conference One (Valorant), and CVRE (Beat Saber).

In addition to these varsity teams, DePaul supports a number of JV and academy level teams. To see the current teams in each title, please visit the “Gaming Organizations” tab.

Walk-in's are currently welcome based on availablilty of PCs and Consoles.

Should you wish to report a violation of the Code of Conduct, please visit here.

Unfortunately, the DePaul Esports Logo is trademarked and any individual must seek confirmation in order to utilize the DePaul Esports Logo. In addition, students are not permitted to utilize the Blue Demons Logo unless approval is gained. Please see Brand Standards for more information.

Yes, students, faculty, and staff may request games that are available in the Gaming Center. Please note, games must be approved prior to being made available.

Please note: all games requested must be rated T for Teen or lower. Games that are rated M and above may not be approved.

Yes, you will be able to sign into your own Steam and accounts on the computers, but you can only play games that are approved and installed on the computers.

No, you will only be permitted to play the games that are approved and provided in the Gaming Center. You may submit a request for a game to be added to the Gaming Center.

Yes! We will add games based on the demand and existence of an esports league\community.

No! At the DePaul Esports Gaming Center, we ask that you do not install other games that are either not installed or not-approved! Installing or playing games that are not on the list of approved games is a violation of the policies within the Gaming Center.

In order to bring your own gear, your gear must meet the following requirements:

  • No discriminatory or vulgar decals are displayed on the equipment
  • Does not require additional software to be installed - software and drivers may be requested, but is not guarnteed
  • Must be approved at front desk of Gaming Center by Gaming Center employees

The software we currently have to support B.Y.O. peripherals are: Razer Synapse, Corsair, and Logitech. We also support Xbox one and PS4 controllers!

The ability to reserve the room or an individual station is coming soon, please stay tuned! Until then, please feel free to email us at in order to discuss a reservation or event.

The DePaul Esports Gaming Center can host meetings, tryouts, practices, tournaments, and much more! As long as your request is submitted in advance for approval, suggestions are more than welcome!