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  • ​ Members of the Esports community develop leadership skills including teamwork, communication, strategic thinking, and more. Through competitive teams participating in the BIG EAST and other tournaments, student leadership positions in our various Esports and Gaming affiliated organizations, and other opportunities, students affiliated with Esports develop skills critical to becoming a leader both in their time at DePaul and upon graduation.

Gaming Student Organizations

If you enjoy gaming, but prefer a less competitive setting there's still many options at DePaul! From DeFRAG to PokeDemons and more, DePaul has plenty of gaming focused student organizations you can play with.

Gaming Student Org List

Minecraft - Join us on Sundays!

DePaul's Minecraft Server is a vanilla server with weekly events every Sunday. We have warps set up in order to quickly visit other player’s builds, but we focus on maintaining the vanilla experience.

Minecaft Server Webpage

Report Your Tournament Wins

Any registered, esports student organization can submit tournament/competition wins they have had since the inception of the Gaming Center on April 23, 2018. A plaque will be displayed in the center with these wins for all to see.

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