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Commit to DePaul's community health and safety pledge


Community Health and Safety Pledge

One of the biggest priorities going into the 2020-21 academic year is taking care of one another during the pandemic.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and its devastating effects on people and communities, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to review and commit to DePaul's Community Health and Safety Pledge.

It outlines seven simple steps that every Blue Demon should practice regularly, including:  

  • Washing hands often with soap and water, or using hand sanitizer
  • Wearing a cloth face covering over your nose and mouth
  • Maintaining physical distance of six feet or more from others
  • Self-monitoring for the symptoms of COVID-19 through the self-screening app
  • Staying home when sick or after exposure to someone who has COVID-19
  • Reporting to the university if you test positive or have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Abiding by all DePaul safety standards and protocols

This pledge is another opportunity for the entire community to come together and take of themselves, others and the DePaul family.

For up-to-date information, guidance and resources on DePaul's COVID-19 efforts, be sure to regularly visit the Return to Campus website