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Don't miss the Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning

Lincoln Park Campus

On Friday, Oct. 22, DePaul’s Teaching Commons will host its annual Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning. All faculty and staff are welcome to ​attend​.​​​

This year's virtual program will focus on trauma-informed pedagogy. In this interactive session, attendees will consider the notion of psychological trauma, why it happens and how it affects our body and brain.

The keynote speaker, Mays Imad, is a neuroscientist and professor of pathophysiology and biomedical ethics at Pima Community College, the founding coordinator of the college's Teaching and Learning Center and a Gardner Institute Fellow. Her current research focuses on stress, self-awareness, advocacy, classroom community and how these subjects affect student learning and success. ​

Fall Forum on Teaching & Learning 
Friday, Oct. 22
10 a.m.