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DePaul’s brand campaign reminds Chicago that ‘Here, We Do.’

Here We Do spring 2019
Spring 2019 "Here, We Do." wallscape featured on I-290. (Image courtesy of Enrollment Management and Marketing)

The foundation of DePaul’s “Here, We Do.” brand awareness advertising campaign demonstrates how the university’s connection to Chicago is an instrumental part of the student experience and leads to success after graduation. Showcasing success is one of the main components of the spring brand advertising flight that launches April 15 and runs through June 30.

The second iteration of the highly successful “Here, We Do.” concept introduced in April 2018, the campaign has evolved to include college-specific and outcomes-focused messaging. Those themes are captured and brought to life through a combination of outdoor and digital ads, as well as a series of alumni videos, a key new element this year.

“Creative evolution is important to staying relevant in the marketplace,” says Sarah Partin, associate vice president of University Marketing in Enrollment Management and Marketing. “By incorporating new concepts into the spring flight, we reinforce DePaul’s most distinctive attributes with our key target audiences.” 

Outcomes-focused messaging promotes the idea that DePaul graduates are ready to contribute immediately upon graduation by featuring headlines that highlight and illustrate student success. Many of these ads have been placed to maximize exposure with key employers where alumni work.

“Demonstrating outcomes helps DePaul maintain a top-of-mind position within organizations that hire our students,” Partin explains. “It also strengthens the sense of pride our graduates and key community influencers feel, and further demonstrates the impact our graduates have in the world.”

The emphasis on outcomes inspires the use of an amended phrase in some ads, “Here, We Do Chicago Proud.”  Not only does it directly connect DePaul and Chicago, it also extends the campaign into stories of alumni success.

College-specific messaging emphasizes one of DePaul’s competitive advantages: a wide array of highly regarded programs across a range of disciplines.  

“Our academic portfolio serves students with diverse interests and aspirations,” Partin says. “The depth and breadth of our academic offerings provides students the preparation to succeed across a spectrum of professions.”

Nowhere will this idea feature more prominently than the Chicago Transit Authority. For example, DePaul will completely take over the CTA’s State and Lake L station for the month of May. Anyone using or passing through the station will see ads representing every college at DePaul. In addition, DePaul will take over the interior of 60 cars on the CTA’s Red, Brown, Purple and Blue trains with a series of ads featuring multiple colleges.

The final new element introduced this spring is a series of alumni videos that provide a powerful narrative of how a DePaul degree can shape a successful career. Alexandra Murphy, acting dean of the College of Communication, thinks alumna Lourdes Duarte’s video helps current and prospective students visualize their own paths.

“We want them to know the kind of success Lourdes has experienced started with one journalism class at DePaul,” Murphy says.  “The key points she highlights are the very things we believe make an education in the College of Communication unique -- knowledgeable and caring faculty, cutting-edge coursework, and amazing opportunities for internships and employment given our location in the city of Chicago.”
The alumni videos will be used in multiple ways. The campaign website will host full-length versions; 15-second teaser versions will be integrated into some of the digital placements.

To experience more of the “Here, We Do.” campaign, visit

Campaign Details
  • Dates in market: April 15-June 30
  • Landing page:​
  • Anticipated impact: More than 200 million impressions reaching 90% of primary targeted audience
  • Featured placements: I-290 Wallscap), State and Lake Platform Takeover, Addison Platform Takeover, television spot on Big Bang Theory series finale