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At this time these are the only forms that Document Services utilizes. If you need additional assistance, please contact Document Services at (312) 362-6285 or email us at  Just an FYI the e-mail requirement that is on each form must be a valid DePaul e-mail address before the request is processed.  If the email is not valid we will try to contact you by calling the required phone number.  If we are still unable to contact you the request will not be processed.

Paper Sale Form

This form is used when a department requests paper for equipment not supported by Document Services or if the paper provided to a copier does not qualify for the standard paper delivery.  To help you determine if your copier does qualify for the standard paper delivery please contact and include your copier location number.  The copier location number can be found on a DePaul label near the control panel.  For the current market rate for paper please contact  DePaul Document Services can only provide the following paper:  8.5x11 (Standard) 8.5x14 (Legal) 11x17 and 3 hole punch paper.

Copy Privilege Request Form

Please remember that this privilege can only be activated on an active employee ID of DePaul that has received their first paycheck from DePaul.  Please consider securing a Department Copy Card, link below, to allow new employees access to the copier system while they wait for their first pay check.  All new requests are uploaded into the system after midnight, which is when the copy privilege will be activated on the ID.  A student that is considered an employee for that department (receives a DePaul check) can have this privilege activated on their ID when requested by the Budget Manager.   If you wish to allow a non-employee to make copies on Faculty Staff copiers you must secure a Department copy card for them to use.  This form is used for requesting access to university faculty and staff photocopiers, changing department account information, and terminating photocopy access privileges.

The format to use when adding the University ID number and name  into the "Form" must be in this format: University ID# - Last Name, First Name.

You can use Excel to create your list and then copy and paste the list into the appropriate cell on the "Form".

Please enter each required information in a separate excel cell.  Example in Cell 1A enter the University ID#  Cell 1B enter the -(hyphen) in Cell 1C enter the Last name,  First name.  Add the additional users  by going to row 2 and follow the same format until you have entered all of the people you need to provide the copy privilege for.

To use our fleet of faculty/staff walk-up copy machines you must either use photocopy privileges tied to your ID card or an individual department's copy card. To activate photocopy privileges on your ID card, please have your department's budget manager complete the attached form, including your name, ID number, and full department chart field budget information. Once this form is submitted, our staff will be able to access your account and allow you to copy almost anywhere at DePaul! (Some copy machines are not connected to card readers and may be programmed for limited use. For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please note that a Copy Privilege Request Form can only be submitted by a department's budget manager. If you wish to check the status of your copy privilege request or experience problems while copying, please contact Document Services at (312) 362-6285 or email us at

Department Copy Card

This form is used for requesting a card to be shared by a department for photocopying, or if you lost your Department Copy Card.  If you have a department copy card that is no longer able to make copies on a Faculty/Staff copier please contact and we will attempt to see if we can get the card working again.  If Document Services cannot get the card to work again please go to your campus ID Services office with your department copy card for a replacement.   

Separate from individual photocopy privileges tied to an individual's ID card, Document Services can also provide copy cards to be shared by various staff members within a given department. To request a department copy card, a department's budget manager must complete the form and, if desired, a specific name for the copy card. There is no limit to the number of department copy cards Document Services can issue to your department, so feel free to request as many as you need.

Please note that a Department Copy Card request form must be submitted by a department's budget manager. If you wish to check the status of your copy privilege request please contact Document Services at (312) 362-6285 or email us at

Copier Replace/Move/Remove Form

Please use this form to request your current copier to either be replaced with a new copier, to move your current copier to a new location (fees may apply) or if you no longer have a need for your copier and would like us to remove it.

When requesting to replace your copier please understand that we try to make our purchases with our annual bulk purchase.  This give us our greatest buying power when we purchase in bulk.  The normal time frame for the bulk purchase delivery is in late April.  If you have a situation where you feel that your copier must be replaced sooner we will work with you to find an acceptable solution.

When requesting to move your copier please understand that whatever fees may be associated with the move is the responsibility of the department making the request. This includes if a vendor is hired to actually move the copier.   The new space must have the same space requirement, power and data as the current copier location.  If your copier is set up to print and/or scan to e-mail then we may need to secure the new network information to enter the new IP into the copier so that you can continue to print and/or scan to e-mail.  This may require a new print drive install for your users as well, so please keep this in mind.

When requesting to remove the copier for whatever reason, Document Services will work with your department to remove this copier in the time frame based on your request.

Print Activation/Deactivate Form

This form is used to request that Document Services activate or deactivate the print option on your department copier.

Your department is responsible for providing an active data jack and adding the print driver for all users.  Document Services will train a designee from your department who will assist others with installing the print driver.  If you should require additional training for a new person we would be more than happy to provide this training.

If you have any service issues with the print function you will continue to contact Document Services for support.  Please remember that our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00AM until 5:00PM.  We do not have after hour or weekend service.   Document Services also does not recommend that this device be the only print option available to the department,  due to our restricted hours.

The cost per print is the same as your cost per copy.

If your devise is connected to Pharos Off The Glass (card reader) it is possible for Document Services to  provide, upon request, a report that shows usage breakdown by user with cost.  We can also provide the date and time of the print job and break it down by B&W and color, if you have a color device.  Please understand that if you are currently printing to your devise that the Pharos OTG software will require new print drivers be installed.  If you wish to add your print option to Pharos Off The Glass,  please contact Document Services to coordinate this.

Service and or Supply Request Form:

Complete this form to request all service and supply requests for your department copier.  You will need your copier location number, which can be found on a label near the control panel.  This is a 3 or 4 digit number.  If you select the Service and Supplies option please indicate all service requests first then all supply requests.  Each request should be on a separate line.  Please remember that all paper requests will need to be verified that you qualify before we deliver.  If there is an issue we will contact the requester to let them know that this copier does not qualify for paper and that a paper sale form will need to be completed.

General Feedback/Survey Card

This form allows any user to rate our services or bring other matters to our attention.

Document Services thrives on input from our patrons. Please fill out the above form at any time to tell us whether or not you were happy with the service you received, or if you just want to bring something to our attention. We look forward to hearing from you!   Please use Internet Explorer to complete and submit this survey card.