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Document Services offers a wide variety of copying services for the entire DePaul University community.

We maintain a fleet of state of the art walk-up copy machines​ at convenient locations on all of the university’s  campuses. Our staff of qualified clerks replenishes toner and staple supplies within the machine to ensure that you receive copies of the highest quality. When you need to make a copy, our copiers are always just steps away.

And for customers requiring special assistance with their copy jobs, Document Services also operates the Campus Copy Center, located at the Lincoln Park . The store allow us to help take the stress out of your copy jobs, and are convenient locations to send a fax, buy school and office supplies, send UPS parcels, and even order wedding and graduation announcements.

If you need help locating a copier near your area or have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to call us at (312) 362-6285 or email us at ​​​​​