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Walk-up Copiers

Our fleet of walk-up copy machines is separated into two segments (“student” or “faculty/staff”) based on the method that your ID is charged for copies. Student copiers are located on all DePaul campuses and can be used by either students or external patrons.

We also provide copiers for faculty and staff use throughout DePaul’s  campuses. These machines charge for copies based on photocopy privileges tied to your DePaul ID card or department copy card. ​

Student copiers, which can be used by students are located on all DePaul campuses . The student copiers deduct funds from the Demon Express

​For more information on Demon Express, please visit ​Demon Express FAQ​​

For information on using your DePaul ID card for our services, please refer to the FAQ page​. For information on copier locations, please refer to the student copier location page​.




Faculty/staff copy machines charge for copies by debiting the department account given with the photocopy privilege request. The staff copiers are located throughout DePaul University’s campuses. Copiers that are equipped with Blackboard card readers are open-use, available to all faculty/staff members with photocopy privileges or a department copy card. Additionally, locations with lower monthly usage are provided with copiers intended specifically for use by only one or two departments.

For information on how to activate your DePaul ID card to use our services, please visit our FAQ page. For information on copier locations please refer to the faculty/staff copier location page. ​​