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Elevator Emergency

When an emergency alarm from an elevator is sounded, the following procedures shall be followed. The Public Safety dispatcher shall determine which car is in trouble, and its building/floor location. By way of the intercom systems (if elevator is equipped with one), and/or in person by Public Safety personnel, contact the car, and ask if the passengers are all right, and if the emergency buttons are in the "out" or "off" position.

The passengers should be informed that service is on the way. If the car remains stalled, the passengers should be advised:

  • Not to Panic;
  • That emergency elevator service has been called;
  • Not to attempt to open the doors;
  • To stay clear of the doors; and
  • Not to exit until told to do so.

During regular office hours, the Facility Operations Office should be contacted so it can call the elevator service company and send additional building personnel to assist if necessary. During off-hours, service personnel should be called immediately. The engineer on duty should be dispatched and informed that a car is down with passengers trapped. If the engineer on duty is unable to resolve the situation, a request for service should then be made.

If service response time exceeds 30 minutes, the Fire Department should be called to report the entrapment first, then call the respective Facility Operations Manager.

All information should be logged in the Public Safety Dispatcher’s radio log and complete Public Safety report.

Emergency Numbers

Lincoln Park and Loop Campus

Chicago Police/Fire Emergency:

Lincoln Park Campus Public Safety:
(773) 325-7777

Loop Campus Public Safety:
(312) 362-8400

Rosalind Franklin Campus

North Chicago Police/Fire Emergency:

Rosalind Franklin Campus Security:
(847) 578-3288

North Chicago Police Non-Emergency:
(847) 596-8774

North Chicago Fire Non-Emergency:
(847) 596-8780