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Emergency School Closure

The decision to cancel classes or close the offices of the entire University due to inclement weather (or any other reason) is the responsibility of the President of the University or, in his absence, the highest ranking available member of the EERT.

The entire University or any campus should be considered for closure when 1) there is significant physical threat of injury or harm to employees and/or students; 2) there is widespread inaccessibility or malfunctioning of transportation systems; 3) the City of Chicago advises businesses to cease operations; or 4) a physical disaster has occurred and the buildings are uninhabitable. The senior-ranking EERT member should consider for each campus whether classes should be cancelled and whether business operations should close. The decision to close the University or any campus will be made for a period of one business day unless there is physical destruction of a building. Each day a new decision will be made regarding the need to remain closed.

In the event of a large-scale class cancellation or closure, a University-wide e-mail will be issued. A voicemail message will also be posted on the University’s general announcement line at 312/362-6226 or main telephone number at 312/362-8000. Additionally, the DPU Alert system may be utilized.

The University will report campus closures or class cancellations to all appropriate media outlets and to the Emergency Closing Center, a communal source of information used by local television and radio stations, including:

  • CBS-TV (Channel 2)
  • NBC-TV (Channel 5)
  • ABC-TV (Channel 7)
  • WGN-TV (Channel 9)
  • WFLD-TV (Fox Channel 32)
  • WGN radio (720 AM)
  • WBBM radio (780 AM)

Isolated class cancellations will be handled more personally on a smaller scale, as required by the situation.​