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Hazardous Materials Incident

​In the event of a chemical spill or any other accident or emergency involving hazardous materials, individuals should be advised to:

  • Once you have moved a safe distance from the hazard, call Public Safety and/or 9-1-1 from the nearest telephone;
  • Describe details of the spill or release (indoors or outdoors, material, etc.)
  • Evacuate the area immediately and alert others nearby;
  • Only trained personnel should handle minor or incidental spills and should follow the documented procedures for cleaning up the spill
  • Do not expose yourself to a dangerous situation.
  • Personnel should not attempt to clean large spills or spills of extremely hazardous substances. The area should be evacuated and the Campus Emergency Operations Plan should immediately be implemented
  • Do not re-enter the contaminated area until given the all-clear by Public Safety personnel.

If possible, personnel should be prepared to provide the following information when coordinating with emergency personnel:

  • Name and quantity of the chemical/material spilled;
  • Location of the spill (such as building name and room number);
  • Information regarding anyone injured or otherwise contacted by the material; and
  • A description of any fire or explosion caused by or occurring nearby the spill.

In addition to Public Safety, Environmental Health & Safety should be promptly notified of all chemical and other toxic substance incidents, even if no injury or damage of facilities has occurred or is apparent at the time.

Emergency showers/eye wash stations are located at:

McGowan North: Emergency showers and eyewash stations are located in the hallway by rooms:

  • First floor: 103, 109, 125, 151, 161, 175
  • Second floor: 203, 209, 215, 236, 243, 256

McGowan South: Emergency showers and eyewash stations are located in each teaching and research labs. Also, 1st floor loading dock area: located by the chemical waste room and chemical storage room.

Art Department: Emergency shower and eyewash station is located on the 3rd floor by the entrance of room 336 photo lab.

Theatre Building: Emergency shower and eyewash station is located on the 1st floor in the Prop room.

All showers and eyewash stations are checked monthly by Facilities Operations.

In the event that a mass decontamination is necessary, the University will work with proper authorities to secure necessary supplies, etc.

The following areas may be used for the mass decontamination:

Lincoln Park Campus:

  • The Quad
  • Wish Field
Loop Campus:
  • ​Pritzer Park
  • Grant Park

Emergency Numbers

Lincoln Park and Loop Campus

Chicago Police/Fire Emergency:

Lincoln Park Campus Public Safety:
(773) 325-7777

Loop Campus Public Safety:
(312) 362-8400

Rosalind Franklin Campus

North Chicago Police/Fire Emergency:

Rosalind Franklin Campus Security:
(847) 578-3288

North Chicago Police Non-Emergency:
(847) 596-8774

North Chicago Fire Non-Emergency:
(847) 596-8780