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Utility Failure

Utility and Facility Related Emergencies

Utility failure emergencies should be reported immediately to the respective campus Facility Operations office. Public Safety should also be notified if the utility failure is potentially threatening to the safety of persons or facilities. The following list provides examples of utility and facility-related emergencies:

  • Widespread power outages
  • Water leaks
  • Broken pipes
  • Broken windows
  • Elevator/escalator malfunction
  • Heating or air conditioning problems
  • Bathroom clogs or overflows (sinks/toilets)
  • Gas leaks or odors
  • Broken locks

Work Orders - Non-Emergency Issues

Utility issues that do not constitute an actual emergency should be reported to Facility Operations via the online work order system. The following list provides examples of non-emergency utility and facility related issues:

  • Excess trash
  • Minor clogs or slow-moving drains
  • Limited power outages or burned-out light bulbs in non-critical areas
  • A need or desire to change locks