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Gaming Center Policies and Procedures

Computer Usage and Reservations

DePaul Esports Gaming Center
  • Gaming Center use is exclusively open to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff.
  • Individuals may not install any games that are not on our list of available games. Individuals that install games that are not approved are considered to be in violation of the Gaming Center policies.
  • Individual Reservations
    • Aside from tournament or event times, six gaming computers will be available for individual reservation and six will be available for walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis. Only students are able to access the individual computer reservation system.
    • Individual gaming sessions are capped at 90 minutes, unless there are no users waiting for a computer.
    • Individuals will have a 15-minute grace period from the time of their reservation, after which the reservation will be canceled.
  • Group or Student Organization Reservations
    • Groups and student organizations must submit reservation requests at least one week in advance via  Reservation availability may be influenced by events taking place in the DePaul Center Concourse.
    • For tournaments or events of 25 or more people, in addition to reserving the Gaming Center, groups must make a reservation for the DePaul Center Concourse through the Student Center reservation process.
  • Upon entry, users must swipe in with and leave their DePaul ID with the Gaming Center front desk. In alignment with the Acceptable Use Policy, Gaming Center users may only use their own credentials to log themselves into station computers.
  • All games played in the Gaming Center must be rated T for Teen or below by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.  
  • Gaming Center computers should be used primarily for gaming; personal use (such as checking emails or social media) should be kept to a minimum. During peak usage, users who are not using the stations for gaming will lose access to those stations.
  • Users may bring and use personal equipment of limited size that does not display profane visuals or words if approved by Gaming Center staff.
  • Food is not allowed in the Gaming Center. Drinks must be in a sealed, leak-proof bottle and are not permitted on station tables.
  • If the room is at full capacity, users must wait outside until sufficient space becomes available.

Conduct and Noise

  • While the Gaming Center is a fun and competitive space, there will also be times in which classes or events may be held in the rooms surrounding the space.  Users who do not decrease the noise levels upon request will be required to leave the Gaming Center.

Help Us Keep the Gaming Center Running By…

  • Leaving the Gaming Center in the state that you found it by cleaning up after yourself.
  • Honoring the closing times of the DePaul Center. We recommend not starting a new game with less than 30 minutes prior to the close of the Center. If the Gaming Center is closing, you will be required to exit your game.
  • Balancing gaming with other university responsibilities, including class. We want you to be a successful competitor, but not sacrifice your studies or other responsibilities. Should you feel you need assistance with balancing gaming and other responsibilities, we encourage you to reach out to University Counseling Services or one of DePaul’s many Health & Wellness Services.

Good Luck. Have Fun. Be Vincentian.