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Meet 2018 Vinny Prize winners, take part this year

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(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
The Vinny Prize is an annual university-wide student and alumni competition that seeks creative content exploring how career and academic pursuits can intersect with a deeper sense of purpose. Sponsored by the Division of Mission and Ministry, the goal is to use visual storytelling to inspire the DePaul community with ways to align work with meaningful endeavors. 

The application deadline for the 2019 Vinny Prize is April 21. Below are the winners of last year's competition.

Inside Out by Ella Lubienski
This film narrates the writings of incarcerated students in the Inside Out “Think Tank” class describing their life in a maximum-security prison. Through their words, we experience the social, mental, physical, and emotional impact of incarceration, and ponder its effectiveness. Watch Now>>

The Third Pillar of Islam by Akram Shibly 
A vacant Catholic church in a low-income neighborhood converts into a mosque. Through charitable actions, the Muslim community helps transform the area by reducing crime and creating a warm, welcoming community center for families. Watch Now>>

Las Puertas del Paseo by Edwin R. Ruiz
Thirteen Latino artists paint sixteen doors in Humboldt Park to celebrate their culture, reflect on obstacles they’ve overcome, express current political challenges, and encourage unity and integration of their mixed cultures. Watch Now>>​

Learn more and apply on the Division of Mission and Ministry website​.