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Assessment Certificate Program available for faculty and staff

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Assessment is an integral part of improving and strengthening student learning and experience in higher education. But where do you begin? How do you choose what to assess, and how do you collect, manage and analyze the associated data? Participation in the Assessment Certificate Program at DePaul can help.

The ACP at DePaul is a unique, workshop-based program designed to provide training and support for faculty and staff engaged in the assessment of student learning. Staff and faculty enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of assessment-related topics such as non-traditional assessment models, cultural competence in assessment and designing rubrics, among others.

The goal of the Assessment Certificate Program is for participants to strengthen their assessment skills and learn new methodologies to help them enhance the learning experiences of DePaul’s students and become more effective teachers.

The information delivered during each workshop is transferrable to many roles and issues in higher education. In addition, participants can tailor their learning to specific skills they want to gain or learn about assessment in general. For those who are already working on assessment projects of their own, these workshops can provide supplemental knowledge that can enhance their results.

After just five workshops and applying what you have learned to your own culminating project, you will earn a certificate. If you don’t feel that you have the time for the entire certificate program, or if you’re interested in just one or two workshops, don’t hesitate to attend them without committing to the entire program. If you change your mind and want to pursue the certificate, your previous workshops will still count toward the certificate. 

Find more information and sign up on the ACP Chicago websiteFor questions about the program, contact​.