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Faculty: Submit course material and book adoptions to the bookstore

Loop Campus bookstore
(DePaul University/Maria Toscano)
One of the ways we can help students minimize the cost of their education is to follow best practices in selecting course materials, including textbooks. In addition to many open educational resources available through the DePaul University Library, we want to highlight the fact some students also take advantage of vouchers from the State of Illinois or DePaul award programs. Often, these types of programs defray the cost of the required course materials only when purchased through a university-affiliated vendor, such as Barnes & Noble.

Knowing we do not control where our students buy or rent their course materials, we still encourage you, our faculty, to enter your adoptions into the Barnes & Noble system so students who rely on vouchers and awards can take full advantage of those funds in the upcoming quarter.

If you will be using textbooks and other materials that require purchase, it is important to adopt and order these as soon as possible to enable your students to explore options for purchasing or renting while supplies are still available. 

Many students will be taking some or all of their coursework online this fall. Having adoptions entered with Barnes & Noble helps our students secure important course materials in advance of the quarter's start. These actions support the textbook provision in the 2008 reauthorization of the “Higher Education Opportunity Act," which requires us to provide students with timely information on course materials to help them obtain these materials optimally and reduce the cost of their education.  If your college or school has a centralized process, please follow that process. Otherwise, please submit your order via

For more information on best practices regarding course material adoption, see the Teaching Commons website.

For more information about library support for adopting open educational resources for course use, visit the DePaul University Library website.

Thank you for all you do for our students.