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Faculty film to be featured in upcoming festivals


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In the coming weeks, two film festivals will showcase the work of Chi-Jang Yin, an associate professor in The Art School at DePaul. Yin's film, “I Was There, part III," is an experimental film that explores society's fading collective memory of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Part of a trilogy, the film is a multifaceted examination of the relationship between ethics and science. The series also reexamined J. Robert Oppenheimer's speech at the Princeton Theological Seminary in 1958. Oppenheimer, the "father of the atomic bomb," said the danger of accumulated knowledge is that it will outpace human capacity to make wise decisions on how to use this new knowledge. This film takes as its main concern the direct effects of radiation on the human body.

Viewers may see the film at the Chicago Underground Film Festival, set for Nov. 5 – 7. Tickets are available online.

Additionally, the film will showcase at the Vienna International Human Rights Film Festival in Austria from Dec. 2 -12.

In addition to her work as an associate professor and area head of media art in The Art School, Yin is a faculty member in DePaul's Global Asian Studies program and the 20​20-21 ​Presidential Faculty Fellow.​ Read more about her work as a Presidential Fellow, the Courageous Dialogue series​, in Newsline.