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Faculty make the news: Join the DePaul experts guide

Professor Mark Johnston prepares for a radio interview with
Professor Mark Johnston prepares for a radio interview with "Worldview" host Jerome McDonnell at the WBEZ studio in Chicago. Faculty are invited to join the DePaul Newsroom Experts Guide, a resource for journalists. (Image courtesy of Mark Johnston)
Journalists across the country rely on DePaul University faculty experts to provide insight on news of the day. Faculty members who share their expertise with the news media reinforce DePaul's academic reputation and also provide a public service by deepening the public's understanding of important issues, research and scholarship.

Faculty who wish to serve as expert sources are encouraged to join the DePaul Newsroom Experts Guide, a searchable database designed for journalists. It is updated regularly, but faculty must opt-in to the guide by creating a profile. The guide was updated recently, and nearly 300 faculty are currently listed.

To join the Experts Guide 

Faculty may complete a brief online profile to be added to the database.

To check whether you are already in the guide 

Faculty may search to see if they are listed or to make sure a profile is up-to-date. To make changes or add an updated portrait, fill out the form again or email changes to

When you are contacted by a journalist

The Office of Public Relations and Communications managed nearly 900 media inquiries last year, resulting in hundreds of positive mentions in the news of DePaul and our faculty experts. Please know that faculty always have a choice to accept or decline when presented with a media opportunity. For assistance in preparing for interviews, contact the DePaul Newsroom media relations professionals at

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