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New phishing scam targets students

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Information Security has identified another phishing scam targeting students at DePaul. The scam attempts to get students to apply for a campus job -- some emails even contain the names of actual DePaul faculty and staff. The attackers then ask students to set up their direct deposit for pay, ultimately obtaining the student’s bank account information and attempting to remove funds. DePaul encourages all students to be vigilant and careful about sharing personal identifiable information.

Confidential information should never be given out unless you have completely vetted the recipient - and then should be done in a secure manner, not in email.  If you have any doubts about an email you've received, you might try doing an Internet search for a sentence or two to see if it turns up as an already-reported scam.  

Please also forward potential scams or phishing emails to for help in identifying and to report potential dangers to other students.

Example of phishing scam email
Example of a phishing scam email.