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English Language Academy offers pronunciation training for non-native speakers

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The English Language Academy at DePaul offers a pronunciation training course for the university's international community. (DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
International students face many challenges throughout their time abroad, most commonly with language fluency and pronunciation. Proper pronunciation affords students the opportunity to feel confident being understood and “fitting in” with their peers. The question is, how can students achieve this?

In 2017, DePaul's English Language Academy launched Pronunciation Training for Success to help students seeking to improve their fluency and pronunciation skills. The next course cycle begins Jan. 16, 2020.

This hybrid course utilizes high end online voice recognition and intelligent software that analyzes students’ speech. After the speech analysis, a customized lesson plan is created for each student to follow. 

For up to two hours a week, students work at their own pace on the online portion of the class. They then meet with an in-person or online language coach who reviews their progress and provides students with more in-depth feedback and further resources. Students will continue this weekly cycle for about eight weeks, where they will then have the opportunity to take the Native Accent Test at a discounted price. 

The course is open to all international faculty, staff and students who wish to develop their spoken English skills. People of all language backgrounds are encouraged to partake.  More information is available on the International Admissions website​.