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Solidarity with Seniors: A service project for faculty and staff

Holding hands
(Image courtesy of the Division of Mission and Ministry)

During this unprecedented time of “social distancing" and “sheltering in place" Chicagoland senior citizens are among our most vulnerable populations, at risk of experiencing loneliness and depression. DePaul is collaborating with two of our long-time community partners, Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly and St. Vincent de Paul Senior Housing, to provide support to these special members of our community.

"Solidarity with Seniors" is a service project that invites faculty and staff to send a card or letter to a senior citizen in need of companionship. If you sign up to become involved, Mission and Ministry will send you the name and contact information for a senior citizen to whom you will send a simple card or letter. Your message does not necessarily have to be lengthy just a greeting and a few words of good cheer will do.

We invite all DePaul faculty and staff to say “yes" to this opportunity to brighten the lives of our senior population. If you are interested in being involved, register online. If you have any questions, contact Tom Judge at