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What to watch this weekend: CDM alumni

His recent director credits include episodes of NBC’s The Blacklist
Dan Willis (MS '12) has a resume filled with writing and directing credits, most recently including episodes of NBC’s The Blacklist. (Image courtesy of Dan Willis)

Looking to unwind over the long weekend ahead? Below is a list of streaming TV shows and films alumni from DePaul's College of Computing and Digital Media have helped direct, produce and write.

  • For nearly 10 years, Alexis Auditore (BA '05) has served as director and manager of physical production for a number of Marvel films. Marvel films, available on Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix and Vudu.
  • Chaz Bottoms (BFA '17) served as director and animator on Lil Nas X's “Panini" music video, available on Youtube; and animator on “Dear John," available on Facebook.
  • Greg Dixon (MFA '18) served as director of Olympia , available on Amazon Prime and Aspire TV
  • Vera Drew (BA '11) was an Emmy-nominated editor for Who is America?, available on Showtime and Hulu; editor for An Emmy for Megan, on Vimeo; and editor and co-executive producer for Beef House, available on Adult Swim
  • Nora Earlie (BA '13) was a story artist for The Lego Movie 2, available on Amazon Prime and HBO; and a storyboard artist for Tumble Leaf, available on Amazon Prime
     Alexis Auditore has served as director and manager of physical production for a number of Marvel films.
    Alexis Auditore (BA ’05) has served as director and manager of physical production for a number of Marvel films. (Image courtesy of Alexis Auditore)
  • Killian Gray (MS '10) was a story and editorial production supervisor for Trolls, available on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Hulu and Vudu
  • Kaitlin Heffron (BFA '18) served a dialogue editor for Work in Progress, available on Showtime
  • Holly Kawiecki (BA '16) was a production coordinator of Abominable, available on Amazon Prime
  • Brian Lannin (BA '08) served as cinematographer for High Maintenance, available on HBO; and for Dave, available on FXX and Hulu
  • Molly McCandless (BA '12) served as assistant animator for The Shivering Truth, available on Adult Swim
  • Kevin McGrail (MS '11) was a producer for The Shop, available on HBO; an assistant production manager for South Side, available on Comedy Central; and a unit production manager for season four of Fargo, available on FX and Hulu
  • Keith O'Hara (BA '08) was a storyboard coordinator for Godzilla: King of Monsters, available on Amazon Prime, Apply TV, Google Play and Vudu; and a digital asset manager for Blade Runner 2049, available on Amazon Prime, IMDB TV and Vudu
  • Art O'Leary (BA '07) served as Emmy-award winning editor of Deadliest Catch, available on Discovery and Hulu
  • Charlie Panian (BA '07) was an assistant camera for Sorry for Your Loss, available on Facebook; and director of photography for Chef's Table, available on Netflix
  • Dewayne Perkins (BA '13) was a story editor and writer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, available on Hulu, NBC and Youtube
  • Dominika Smetek (BFA '16) was a production coordinator and assistant for SpongeBob SquarePants, available on Google Play, Hulu, Nickelodeon and Vudu
  • Brittani Smith-Ward (BA '10) was casting associate for Iron Fist, available on Netflix
  • Jennifer Stachovic (BA '16) served as character designer for BoJack Horseman, available on Netflix
  • Alex Thompson (MFA '17) was director for Saint Frances, virtual theater tickets available through Oscilloscope
  • Michel Kreisel Vaisberg (BS '08) was compositor for Hercules, available on Amazon Prime; and digital compositor for 300: Rise of an Empire, available on Amazon Prime
  • Dan Willis (MS '12) was a director for The Blacklist, available on Amazon Prime, NBC and Netflix; a story editor for Boomerang, available on BET; a writing assistant for Grey's Anatomy, available on ABC and Hulu; staff writer for Twenties, available on BET; and director for Wednesday, available on HBO

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