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Changes to Windows-based system updates, patches

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​​Information Services is changing the way DePaul-owned Windows-based computers perform updates and patches. Some changes will occur in the background, but some will require you to update and restart your computer.

Two types of updates:

  • Cumulative updates – These cumulative security changes are normally quick, happen monthly and only require a brief reboot.
  • Feature updates – These feature upgrades are usually much larger, less frequent and may require up to two hours, and sometimes multiple reboots to complete.

How can you tell which one?

Navigate to Start > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update to view. 

Plan for changes and schedule them for off hours:

Please plan accordingly. If possible try to avoid choosing to update and restart during work hours. You can change active hours on your computer so that updates occur outside of work hours. You can also schedule a restart for a specific update during non-working hours.

Important note for older computers:

Some older DePaul-owned computers may require additional changes when they are first migrated over to this process. Once the software on these computers catches up to current standards, the changes will be less frequent.

These consistent updates help to ensure DePaul's Windows computers have the latest security and software features.