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Zoom update to make passcodes, waiting rooms mandatory

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(DePaul University/Jeff Carrion)
​​Beginning Sept. 27, Zoom will require all meetings have a passcode or waiting room. These changes will apply to all Zoom accounts, including those for the DePaul community.

Although this change requires an added level of security for any meeting scheduled on or after Sept. 27, DePaul students and employees can choose whether they want to enable a passcode or waiting room to their meetings -- either measure will satisfy the new requirements.

For more information about setting up waiting rooms and passcodes, visit this Zoom FAQ page.

What if I don't have a waiting room or passcode enabled by Sept. 27?

If neither is enabled, Zoom will automatically enable a waiting room for your meetings. Check your meetings at Meetings on this page with a red exclamation point don't have security measures enabled and should be changed.

What should I do to existing meetings that don't have these security measures?

Option 1: Change your security settings in all scheduled meetings before the Sept. 27 deadline. Either add a waiting room or a passcode.

Option 2: Do nothing and all meetings will automatically have a waiting room starting Sept. 27.

What should I do for new meetings?

In anticipation of the change, DePaul enforced the use of passwords for all meeting created since July 17.  Although Zoom won't require these additional security measures until the end of September, it is a good idea to start adding passcodes or waiting rooms to new meetings.

Watch out for recurring/repeating meetings.

Settings for recurring meetings will also change on Sept. 27. ​