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Faculty's art exhibition opens at Chicago gallery

Field Study (#51)
"Field Study (#51)," by Adam Fung & Steven Carrelli (Courtesy of Hofheimer Gallery)
Collaborative drawings made by Steven Carrelli, a faculty member in The Art School, long-distance with a colleague in Texas are the featured exhibition this month at Chicago's Hofheimer Gallery.

Steven Carrelli
Steven Carrelli (DePaul University)
"Field Studies" is a decade-long project in which either Carrelli or Adam Fung initiates a drawing, then hands it to the other for completion, based on the marks or image originally placed there. As Chicago Gallery News describes the interaction, "the form of the drawing often [becomes] so unified that the boundary between one’s contribution and the other’s is no longer discernible."

The genesis for "Field Studies" dates to when both Carrelli and Fung lived in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. In 2013, Fung moved to Fort Worth to become a professor of art at Texas Christian University. Nevertheless, the artists' collaboration continued.

Field Studies
Through June 26
Hofheimer Gallery, 4823 N. Damen, Chicago
Hours: 11 a.m. through 5 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday
More information online