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DePaul announces BlueKey multi-factor authentication expansion

MFA security update
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DePaul will expand BlueKey MFA to other university applications for staff members. When accessing Campus Connect and Office 365 apps, staff will be asked to authenticate their identity through BlueKey MFA. These changes will take effect on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 28.

A more secure DePaul with MFA

DePaul is moving to a more secure technology environment through the increased use of the Microsoft Authenticator app and BlueKey MFA for university systems, platforms and applications. Most staff already are registered for BlueKey MFA. If you are a current employee and haven't already downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator app and set up MFA, please make sure to register from a laptop or desktop computer at

What services will be affected?

  • Campus Connect
  • Office 365 applications (Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, and others)
  • Google G-Suite

Are you verifying with the Microsoft Authenticator app?

If you haven’t already, set the Microsoft Authenticator app as your default sign-in method. This is the preferred and easiest way to verify your identity through BlueKey MFA. Visit, and click “Security Info” to check or change the default sign-in method.

Additional verification methods

Staff are highly encouraged to add as many secure verification methods as possible to the BlueKey account. This makes it easier to login to these systems if you can’t access your phone. Add secure emails, other secure smart devices with the Authenticator app and trusted phone numbers. Visit, and click “Security Info” to add sign-in methods.

Thank you for helping make DePaul more secure. If you need assistance or have any questions, please reach out to the Help Desk online, via email or at (312) 362-8765.

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