Parking Services

Please note the CLIFTON PARKING GARAGE will close at midnight on October 18, 2020. Please remove your car from the deck before this time. Feel free to contact Parking Services if you have any questions.

​Parking Permits for 2020-2021 are now available for purchase.


Parking Services provides affordable parking options at the Lincoln Park campus for:

*DePaul does not have parking facilities at the Loop campus. However, nearby parking facilities offer a reduced rate for students, faculty and staff. Visit Demon Discounts for a list of participating parking facilities.

Photo by Laura Collins

Special Event Parking

Any department hosting a special event on campus requiring parking should email Parking Services with information including the date, time, expected number of parkers, contact person and who is responsible for payment.

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Bike Corral

Temporarily closed until further notice!

Every year bicycles are stolen from the Lincoln Park Campus. Give yourself the added protection of parking your bike in a fenced bike corral accessible only to those who have registered.

The corral is located under the north portico of McCabe Hall. You can register your bike by completing the Bike Application Form and sending it to Parking Services.