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Parking Forms

​​​At this time these are the only forms that Parking Services utilizes on their website. If you need additional assistance, please contact Parking Services at (773) 325-7275 or email us at  

Access Card Form

This form is used when a permit holder is requesting an access card to share a vehicle. It can also be used if an access card has been lost or stolen and needs to be renewed. The cost of a lost access card is $15.00.​

Area Resident Application

DePaul invites its residential neighbors to participate in the Neighborhood Parking Program which makes evening and parking permits available - free of charge to eligible homeowners. This application can be filled out for new applicants or existing applicants. Please note that if you are applying for permit for the first time, you will have to come into the Parking office to receive your access card in-person.

Bike Corral Form

This form is used if you want access to the bike corral by McCabe Hall. This is a secure location on campus to store your bike and requires swipe access to enter. NOTE: BIKE CORRAL PRIVILEGES ARE VALID FOR ONE ACADEMIC YEAR STARTING SEPTEMBER 1ST - AUGUST 31ST OF THE FOLLOWING YEAR.

Parking Event Request Form

This form is used for parking requests or discount vouchers for an event. We require amicable notice so we can accommodate your parking needs. 

Refund Form

This form is used when you no longer need your parking permit. No refunds will be granted for the following reasons: quarterly permit holders, payroll-installments, evening-weekend faculty/staff​.

Update Vehicle Information

Since we use your license plate as a virtual permit, we require all permit holders to update their vehicle information to prevent warnings or tows.  This form is used when a permit holder has changed their vehicle and need to update their license plate with the Parking office.