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University launches Acts of Loving Kindness campaign

Acts of Loving Kindness

“Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in the world." -A. A. Malee 

On Sept. 18, DePaul Download shared an interview with Dr. Esteban, describing the many ways DePaul is rooted in its mission, especially during these extraordinary times. Toward the end of the interview, Dr. Esteban was asked to give the university community “one mission-based assignment for the fall quarter." His answer: “I would ask the DePaul community to commit to doing one act of charity or kindness a week for the entire quarter." 

In response, Newsline and Religious Diversity & Pastoral Care have teamed up to offer students, faculty and staff a way to respond. Every Wednesday, Newsline Daily and RDPC social pages will post a kindness quote and an invitation to participate in a simple act of kindness. In addition, we invite you to share examples of kindness you have personally witnessed, whether it be through our Acts of Loving Kindness prompts or more generally in your communities—perhaps in a classroom, at home, in a virtual space, or in an organization or church you attend. We'll post the examples to a virtual bank of Acts of Loving Kindness for inspiration and to uplift the good occurring around us. 

Follow the RDPC Facebook, RDPC Instagram, RDPC Twitter and the Newsline multimedia gallery to stay connected to Acts of Loving Kindness quotes and prompts. Share your kindness tips or acts you have witnessed with Newsline.

Prompt for Wednesday, Oct. 7: Send a text message to someone you haven't connected with for a while. Let them know you're thinking of them and wishi​​​ng them well.