Print & Mailing Services

Welcome to DePaul University Print & Mailing Services

We are the full service department for mail, packages and photocopy needs for the university community.

We provide a variety of services including:

  • Mail delivery and pick-up
  • Postage metering services for all faculty and staff
  • Addressing and presorting services (see more under Addressing)
  • Folding, inserting and tabbing

Additionally, we are your in-house source for high volume photocopy work.

We provide high quality color as well as black and white digital copying.

This site has been prepared with the users of Print & Mailing Services in mind. If you follow the guidelines suggested, your mail and copy orders will move more efficiently through our system with the best service and least possible cost.

We are always willing to answer your questions and work with you to help the university achieve efficient mail service and reduce postage expense.

If you do not see the information that you are looking for please call the Print & Mailing Services department at extension 28367 or 26286, or e-mail us at:

  • Design for Mail

    Design and addressing guidelines have changed considerably. Please visit the Post Office website at for more information.

  • Toner & Ink Cartridge Alert

    If you are mailing NEW toner or ink cartridges between departments / campuses, via inter-office mail, it must be placed into another box prior to mailing or it may be considered “For Recycle.”  Print and Mailing Services  collects  used ink and toner cartridges for recycling and it is difficult for us to know what is being re-allocated vs. recycled. By shipping it in a separate box, we can be sure your toner isn’t accidentally recycled!

  • Questions?

    If you have any questions regarding inter-office mailing, please contact Print & Mailing Services at x2-8367 or