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Non-Profit Mail

Because Non-Profit postage rates are very low (about 1/4 of first-class costs), these mailings require special preparations by the mailer. Pieces must carry complete and correct zip codes so they can be zip-sorted, banded and labeled according to U.S. Postal regulations.

A minimum of 200 pieces or 50 lbs. is necessary to qualify for standard rates and under certain circumstances; non-identical pieces can be combined to meet the minimums.

Print & Mailing Services needs some lead time for preparation of bulk mailings. For more information or to schedule a bulk mailing, please contact us at extension 28367.

The following items can not be sent as Non-Profit Mail:

  1. Addresses that are handwritten or typewritten.
  2. Envelopes that can not be inspected by the US Post Office.
  3. Personal mail.
  4. Bills and statements of financial accounts.
  5. Any mail that is soliciting for profit.