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Incoming Mail and Packages

​​​​​​​​​​​Incoming USPS mail is picked up from both the Loop and Lincoln Park  Post Offices each morning. The mail we receive is sorted for delivery to your location the same day. It is critical that you notify senders of your full university address to include your department name and suite number. All university mail is sorted by department name- if this information is missing, you may see a delay. See instructions​​ on how to update or edit your Campus Delivery Address.

Ambiguously addressed incoming mail may be opened to help determine the appropriate delivery location.

Mail for employees no longer employed at DePaul  will be sorted to their original delivery location in case that  information can still be of benefit to the department.

Accountable Mail (certified, express, delivery confirmation and other trackable packages) are delivered later in the day as additional accountability is necessary. These pieces will require a  signature upon delivery.

Mail is picked up and delivered once daily to all departments. Any additional pickups must be requested by calling at the appropriate campus (Loop x 28367 and LPC x 54543)

55 E. Jackson

If you know for certain that an item will be shipped to you via FedEx or UPS, you can use your actual address at 55 E. Jackson, just be sure to include your floor and suite number. 

If you aren't sure how something will be shipped/ mailed or if you know your package is being
shipped/ mailed via USPS,  please use this address:


DePaul University
Attn:  Your Name / Your department name
1 E Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604

Perishable Items

Perishable items received by Print and Mailing Services are the responsibility of the ordering department or individual.  We request that these items be picked up in a timely fashion or a point of contact made available for delivery within a timely fashion.  These items will be held in either our freezer or refrigerator based on the description on the package and if space is available.  We are not responsible for long term storage of items.​

Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail (B.R.M.) is used when a department wishes to pay for return postage on mail that solicits a response from recipients. The department pays first class postage only on returned responses.​

When return information is not confidential, departments may want to consider Business Reply cards, which are charged at the postcard rate rather than the first-class rate. The dimension requirements for Business Reply cards are from 3.5"x5" (smallest) to 4.5"x6" (largest)

All Business Reply Mail is returned and distributed from the Loop campus. For this reason the return address on Business Reply Mail should be:

DePaul University
[Department name]
1 East Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60604 - 2287