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LPC Mail Center

Phone Numbers
773-325-4912 - General info line
773-325-4543 - Supervisor line

LPC Mail Center  window hours during the Academic Year*
Monday-Friday: 10A.M. to 8:30P.M.
Saturday: 11A.M. to 5P.M.
Sunday: Closed

Access to mailboxes is available whenever the Student Center building is open*.

* Hours vary during the summer and over holiday breaks.

General Information for student mail

The LPC (Lincoln Park Campus) Mail Center is located in room 317 of the Lincoln Park Student Center at 2250 N. Sheffield. This is where all students living on-campus will pick up their mail. 

Mail is received from various carriers throughout the day Monday through Friday . Mail recieved via USPS that does not require a signature and is not oversized is placed in the mailboxes. For all other mail, a yellow, barcoded slip will be placed in the student's mailbox. Take this slip to the window to sign for and retrieve packages.

The LPC Mail Center is also where all DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus USPS (United States Postal Service) and inter-office mail is sorted and delivered from.  


​​​​​What is my address?

Your Name
DePaul University
2250 N. Sheffield Ave. Ste. 317
Mailbox #______
Chicago, IL 60614 ​

Why is my roommate’s mail in my mailbox?

If you have a roommate or roommates you all share the same mailbox. Mailboxes are assigned to a room, not a person.​

How do I know when I receive a package?

Any mail that is not placed in a mailbox will be logged into our​ mail tracking software. ​Once it is logged in, an email will be automatically sent to the​ addressee's email alerting them the package has been recieved by DePaul.​ A yellow barcoded slip will be placed in your mailbox. Bring this slip to the window to retrieve your item. 

How do I obtain a key?

To obtain your key, come to the LPC Mail Center window. You will be asked to present your DePaul ID and to sign for your key. Each key is issued in accordance with the current roster supplied to us by the Department of Housing. If you lose your key you will be charged a replacement fee. You must return your key at the end of the academic year or if you move during the acedemic year. To return your key, check it in at the LPC Mail Center  during window hours. Please do not slide your mailbox key under the mailroom door or leave it in your mailbox or you will incur a replacement fee. ​

How do I find out my mailbox number?

Mailbox numbers are assigned based on a student's room assignment. Your mailbox number is included with the information DePaul's Department of Housing provides regarding your room assignment. You can also find your mailbox number by clicking here and then clicking on your dorm and scrolling to your room number.​

Why do I have to sign for a package?

Every package or envelope that requires a signature for delivery also requires a signature from the recipient. This is primarily for security reasons but also accountability and tracking.  ​​

What if my box number is not included on a box or piece of mail?

Packages and mail should be addressed properly every time you send something or have something sent to you. If your mailbox number is not included on items sent to you delivery will be delayed due to extra processes to locate your mailbox. ​

What happens with my mail after I leave DePaul housing?

DePaul does not forward any mail. Mail received for anyone not currently living in DePaul housing is returned to sender. Before students leave DePaul housing, they should notify senders of their new mailing address.​ 

My shipper says my package has arrived and been signed for, can I come pick it up?

Packages that are signed for by the LPC Mail Center have to be​ entered into DePaul's package tracking software.  Students should wait to receive an email from LPC Mail Center before coming to pick up packages. 

How long will DePaul hold my mail?

Once you recieve an email informing you of a delivery, you have 21 days to retreive your item . You will be sent a second notice after 14 days, letting you know you have 7 more days for pick-up. After 21 days​, your item will be returned to sender. Mail that is in your mailbox will be left there until the end of Spring quarter or when you move out of DePaul housing, whichever comes first. Mail that is cleared from mailboxes will be thrown out and not returned to senders.​

What if I am in DePaul housing over the summer?

S​tudents living in DePaul housing during the summer will be assigned mailboxes just as they are during other times of the year. Summer students, however, are not given keys to the mailboxes. You must come to the window with your DePaul​ ID, and an LPC Mail Room staff member will check your mailbox.