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Inter-Office Mail


inter office

Inter-Office mail pieces should include the addressee's name, department name, and campus location. If a piece is improperly addressed, and therefore undeliverable, the piece will be returned to the sender. If there is no return address, Print & Mailing Services will examine the contents to determine where to return it. Please do not abbreviate department names so that the delivery destination is clearly discernible. 

All previous addresses should be crossed off completely on the Inter-Office envelope before being placed in outgoing mail.

Inter-Office mailings should never be placed in white university stationary or plain manila envelopes. This practice can result in accidental postage metering ​ (at the department's expense).

If these pieces are sent to the Post Office, they usually end up in the dead letter office. In order to avoid these risks, please use the appropriate envelope for Inter-Office mail.  Blank inter-office envelopes can be ordered through Staples.​

Inter-Office mail which is  properly addressed​ will be delivered  the next business day.

Print & Mailing Services will pick up and deliver mail and small packages on the regularly scheduled delivery routes. If you have boxes or packages larger than 5 lb., please contact the  appropriate campus mail room to make arrangements for pick-up and delivery of these items:

Loop Campus: ext. 2-8367
Lincoln Park: ext. 5-4543