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​​​USPS Express Mail is an expedited class of mail that provides overnight service for time-sensitive letters, documents, or merchandise. All shipments are automatically insured (at no extra charge) for up to $500 for loss or damage, or up to $50,000 of data reconstruction. This is the only class of USPS mail with guaranteed delivery. If the guarantee is not met, postage will be refunded by the Post Office.

Our preferred shipping vendor is FedEx Ground. If you require a faster service, such as Overnight or 2nd Day service, let us know.

We can accept outgoing UPS packages as a courtesy provided a prepaid label affixed. However, Print& Mailing Services does not have a regular a UPS pick-up. It could be several days before your item is passed off to a courier.

Those interested in using Express Mail, FedEx or UPS should contact Print & Mailing Services​ for more information. ​​​​​

Shipping Returns

Staples Advantage returns should be scheduled with Staples to be picked up directly from your office.

​Return arrangements for items delivered by Amazon couriers should be made with Amazon. Because Amazon uses a variety of independent couriers, we do not have a way to hand off returns like we do with more established carriers.​