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Data Requirements

Addresses can be submitted via e-mail. Listed are types of files we can process:

  • Access
  • ASCII Comma Delimited
  • Excel

If you have other files than the types listed above, please contact​

Requirements of Mailing Piece

All automated mail must have the DePaul permit (indicia), must be identical in size and weight, and must be tabbed closed. No hand written addresses accepted. If you have any concerns, please e-mail us​.

Minimum Size Requirements

First Class Presort:

  • Minimum Quantity = 500 pieces
  • Size = 3 1/2 X 5
  • Cannot exceed 11 oz. per piece


  • Minimum Quantity = 200 pieces
  • Size = 3 1/2 X 5
  • Cannot exceed 15.999 oz. per piece

Processing Time

Up to 5,000   =   1-2 working days
5,001 - 20,000   =   2-3 working days
20,000 - 30,000   =   3-4 working days
30,001 +     =    5 or more working days

Delivery Time

Once done processing and sent to the United States Post Office​ (USPS), delivery times are estimated as:

1st Class within 1-3 Business days
Non-Profit Class within 5 -10 Business days

NOTE: Holiday seasons will always add delivery times through the United States Post Office (USPS)

Postal Costs

Costs are dependent upon size of piece, concentration of zip code distribution, 1st or non-profit rate class.

Automation reduces postage expense by preparing the pieces in such a way to take advantage of the United States Post Office's (USPS) automation equipment.
Compares your list with official USPS national address database

  • Adding bar codes
  • Eliminating duplicates
  • Deleting bad/undeliverable addresses

Automatically sorts mail from the lowest to the highest qualifying sort

  • 5 digit match
  • 3 digit match
  • Carrier route/enhances carrier route (*most detailed breakdown of zip addresses)

Automated 1st class mailing can save approximately 10 percent in postage costs per piece.

Automated 3rd class mailing can save approximately 27 percent in postage costs per piece.


No tabbing required for all envelopes

No tabbing required

Contact Print & Mailing Services for Self Mailer tabbing requirements: X 28367​​