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St. Vincent de Paul statue
We hope this site provides resources for all of us to continue to grow in our desire to be more effective leaders, and to support one another in that ongoing journey. We are eager to connect to Vincentian and other values-centered leaders.

Please feel free to contact us if there is any way we can be of support to you in your own leadership development, or that of your organization.

We wish to express gratitude to the many departments, offices and groups within DePaul University with whom we share a partnership in promoting Vincentian leadership. Among these are: Academic Continuity and Engagement (ACE); Alumni Seeking Knowledge; DePaul Engage; Office of Mission and Values; Human Resources, School of Continuing and Professional Studies; Student Leadership Institute; University Ministry; School of Continuing and Professional Studies; Steans Center for Community-based Learning & Community Service Studies.

We wish also to thank the faculty and staff of the School of Public Service for their ongoing support.