Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project

Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project
St. Vincent’s Circle in Lincoln Park

“It is not enough to do good. It must be done well.”
–St. Vincent de Paul

Often our understanding of living a Vincentian life is about giving to a charitable cause or volunteering for service projects. At DePaul, we challenge you to go further — to lead like St. Vincent and allow the Vincentian leadership orientations of Self, Mission, People, Service, and Task to guide you throughout your life.

Our project awakens and advances the vision, values and leadership practices of St. Vincent de Paul in people and organizations worldwide. Understanding the leadership orientations from the Vincentian Leadership Model will help you grow into the kind of mindful leader needed in non-profit organizations, government and corporations large and small.

An Introduction to St. Vincent

His presence can be felt around campus—his likeness is depicted in statues and paintings; his life and legacy inform everything from business school courses to service learning opportunities; he can even be seen from the L train on the wall of McCabe Hall on the Lincoln Park Campus. In this brief article, Dr. J. Patrick Murphy, C.M., connects the extraordinary leadership and management genius of Saint Vincent de Paul to the best practices of contemporary leaders. The link above will direct you to the printable version of the booklet in many different languages.