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MPS 520: Values-Centered Leadership
Study abroad: Kerala, India

Patricia M. Bombard, BVM, D.Min.

December 2-7 2018
Application deadline: July 1, 2018

Students will study values-based leadership approaches during the Autumn 2018 Quarter at DePaul, and then use 
this knowledge to explore leadership challenges in India with students at the DePaul Institute of Science and 
Technology (DIST) during the December interim. DIST is a graduate institute located in Angamaly (a suburb of Kochi) 
in the tropical, scenic, southern state of Kerala, India.

Students interested in this study abroad opportunity should apply NOW for the program through the  DePaul 
University Study Abroad website: AND register for the Autumn 2018 Quarter 
graduate course: MPS 520: Values-Centered Leadership with Dr. Patricia Bombard, BVM. SPS students may apply 
for travel scholarship by August 16. Go to School of Public Service Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship: 

Contact Dr. Patricia Bombard at: or 312-362-5522