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Message from the Director

Patricia M. Bombard
Welcome to our site. We are happy to provide a number of helpful resources for your leadership development. We know that your improved leadership will in turn influence other members of your organization, and benefit those you serve.

Our primary leadership development resource is the Vincentian Leadership Model, which was researched and developed by Marco Tavanti, Ph.D. It is based on interviews with a number of leaders serving in Vincentian institutions and organizations. The model integrates the four leadership orientations of Mission, People, Task and Service. At the center of the graphic depicting the model is an image of Vincent de Paul, whose leadership values and practices are another focus of our research. You will find links on the site to articles, presentations and blog posts that tell the story of Vincent's leadership.

Even if you do not presently belong to a Vincentian organization, we invite you to let our model help you consider your action plan for leadership development. To begin, ask yourself who your own leadership role model is. Then ask: what leadership orientations and competencies might he or she inspire? You might also look to the founder of your own organization with this or similar questions in mind.

On this site you also will find the VLA-SELF assessment to help you examine your leadership strengths in relation to our Vincentian Leadership Model. After taking the assessment, use the results to create your own Vincentian Leadership Development Action Plan. We will be happy to talk with you about your plan, or put you in touch with a leadership coach who can help guide you toward your goals.

Again, thank you for visiting with us. If we can be of any service to you or your organization in providing leadership development, please let us know.

Patricia M. Bombard, BVM, D.Min. ​​