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St. Vincent de Paul
Vincentian Leadership Philosophy

Over 400 years ago, in France, Vincent de Paul achieved widespread recognition for his activism, faith and commitment to organizing and establishing networks of people who provided services to the poor. Today, nearly half a century later, millions of individuals in Vincent-inspired organizations and institutions carry forward de Paul’s vision and values in work in social services, education, healthcare, and service-based organizations.

Our Vincentian Leadership Model offers an additional roadmap or method for examining, understanding and strengthening our commitment to service in the tradition of Vincent de Paul. Vincentian leadership emphasizes connection with the mission, valuing the individual, and developing leadership competencies and skills that reflect Vincent’s extraordinary management abilities. It also aligns well with organizational cultures and leadership challenges in contemporary times.

Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project’s programs and activities are built on a leadership development model that includes assessments, coaching, training, and education. We encourage self-examination, offer positive values-based perspectives on leadership, and explore practices and behaviors that contribute to personal and professional growth and development individually and organizationally.

History of The Hay Project

The idea of Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project was conceived over dinner by Bill and Mary Pat Hay, Rev. John P. Minogue, C.M., and Rev. J. Patrick Murphy, Ph.D., C.M. Bill Hay, a student, instructor, alumnus and friend of the University spanning some thirty years, was impassioned by the vision and values of Vincent de Paul that he and Mary Pat were inspired to make a major gift to the University. As Bill says, “I don’t ever want anyone to come to this University—as student, staff, instructor or trustee—without knowing about the legacy of our patron.” Later on Bill Hay was elected to the board of trustees of the University. While attending a Vincentian Heritage Retreat in Paris, France, and having literally "walked" in the footsteps of St. Vincent, Bill and Mary Pat returned to Chicago with an even deeper appreciation and understanding of Vincent’s life and works.

Moved by their experience and impressed with Vincent’s leadership and management abilities, the Hays brought new inspiration to Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project. Today the Project carries out the vision of the Hays to develop an awareness of Vincent-inspired leadership concepts and practices within the University community and Vincentian communities worldwide.